The Erasmus Project


Welcome to the Erasmus blog for ‘Promoting Innovation through the development of creativity and imagination’.

We are glad to announce that over the next three years (2017-2020) 6 Infant and Primary schools from across Europe will be taking part in an Erasmus Project. The countries involved in this project are UK, Turkey, Greece, Poland, Spain and Romania. Over the course of the project the schools will use this blog to share information and work related to their project work.


Within our project, young children (3-9 years) in all our partner schools will develop a sense of understanding of the diversity of place – by exploring similarities and differences between pedagogy, the arts, cultures and languages in all partner countries. The children’s work within the project will centre on ‘Developing the curriculum through creativity and imagination’.

The children will learn together through their investigation of the geography, culture, famous artists, artwork, music and musicians, poets, performers and presenters. They will explore the work of local crafts people and the work they produce for their local communities.
They will then share their experiences with each other, using various technologies, (video conferencing, e-mail, power points, message boards, school websites and blogs). The partnership will establish a project blog within which all the communications technologies will provide access for all.

Children will work together to talk about their learning, find solutions to problems and establish an awareness of the importance of creative development. By collaborating with our partner schools throughout Europe we will share expertise and experiences already in place to enhance the teaching and learning of all stakeholders in our schools.

This project would build and further develop the links already in place from previous Comenius Projects as well as forging further links with new partners from other countries. The pupils would experience different aspects of European culture and school based curriculum projects. By introducing more schools all pupils will widen their knowledge of the European Union and develop their tolerance and understanding of different cultures.
All pupils will;
-have the opportunity to become more competent users of Information Technology
-be encouraged to hear and learn other European languages
-have the opportunity to improve their investigation and research skills
-have the opportunity to learn about other cultures and traditions across Europe
-have the opportunity to learn about the environmental issues and impact of changes made to their learning environment

All staff will, through planned activities and mobilities
-learn about the culture/socio-economic factors/pedagogy across Europe
-support young people in developing their capabilities through the participation in the project
-become more competent user of information technology
-improve their range of teaching strategies to give pupils a more enriched learning experience

The community:
-The project will impact on the community through press releases about the project, home school links and school events
-The project will continue to help welcome professionals visiting schools and families moving to new European countries.
-The local community will be encouraged to participate in local events and activities held in the schools promoting a shared responsibility for the local environment.
-The partnership community will be able to enrich the teaching and learning of pupils by communicating via the interactive website and blogs.