Mobility Program 2017 – 18

UK: November 13th – 17th 2017

Romania: May 14th – 18th 2018

Turkey: October 15th – 19th 2018

Action Plan 2017-2018


Date Activity Outcome Communication
Nov/Dec Celebrate Christmas Christmas cards and simple gifts Mail to all partners
Nov 24 Upload songs, photos, descriptions, lesson plans of how we celebrate Christmas in own countries Bank of ideas to share with pupils Blog
Nov 30th E-Twinning live for conferencing Ayhan to set up
Test conferencing and set date for whole partnership conference
Video conference with partner schools with children
Conference with partner schools with pupils
E-Twinning or Skype
Ongoing Sketch the world around us Sketch books Photos or sketches to upload to blog
Jan All partners to create and send logos to CVIS to collate into Project logo Project logo Email
Feb/Mar My School, My Canvas

In the style of an artist from your country create images in a variety of media which represent your locality

Lesson plans, posters, pictures, reports and evaluations Photographs, video, plans, reports and evaluations onto Blog
April/May Using ideas from other countries blogs teach lessons which develop pupils understanding of other cultures and place Download plans and ideas



Photographs, video, plans, reports and evaluations onto Blog
May Mobility to Romania See above Face-to-face handover of materials produced
May/Jun Plan next steps of project Action Plan Email and Blog