CVJS Book Week Activity

‘Tuesday’ by David Wiesner   We used one book across the school. This was a picture book and the teachers used this resource to create a range of pieces of work.   CVJS World Book Day Planning Tuesday Powerpoint

CVJS Whole School Science Experiment

Biscuit dunking activity: Which biscuit is the best for dunking? Does the temperature matter? Does the type of biscuit matter? What liquid will you use? How can ‘best’ be measured? Biscuit dunking CVJS WHOLE SCHOOL SCIENCE EXPERIMENT  

The Legend of The Wawel Dragon

¬†Every people has its stories about distant times. The stories are passed on orally until finally someone writes them down. Polish culture has many stories like this but all children like The Legend of The Wawel Dragon especially. How much truth and how much is pure invention in this? Therein lies the essence of a…