News from Romania

Dear friends,

I hope your holidays have been warm and full of happiness! Thank you all for the beautiful cards I have received from everyone. The children have been very happy and joyous when they saw them!

We will be seeing each other soon in Romania and if you already have details about your trip to Romania (date of flight/ days spent/number of people coming from each country) could you sent it to me, so we can have the best options and preparation possible to suit everyone’s needs.

At the meeting in UK, we have discussed the publication of a magazine or a book in which to publish a project of artistic activity from the kindergarten. I have seen on the blog, an activity posted by the team in Greece and i believe such articles are great examples of how we should go about this magazine. Can you please send me an article such as this one translated in english, about an artistic activity from your kindergarten?

…I am very sorry i was not able to participate at the skype conference, but there have been quite severe issues with electric power where we live and it was not possible to participate in that moment, but we avidly followed the activity on the blog.

I am sending you a link from youtube with the carol the kids sang, which i wasn’t able to send earlier.

I am eagerly awaiting for news from you all!

Best of wishes,


Caroling with the kids in the kindergarten!

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